Need help Identifying my grandmothers old sterling silver

Original, 48 piece set, dont know the markings still in old wooden box with felt, have pics, on the back of the silver it says sterling and markings ar looks like rm looks like a deer or elks head, looks like an s with a slash through it and looks like a pair of sunglasses vertical before the s and sterling and the writing on the front bottom looks like fancy cursive d or t, don’t know, used it rarely, needs to be polished, and it came with the wrap of 4 spoons saying s kind & sons, Philadelphia, looked it up and all I got was 1903 can you help I have pictures, from what people have told me they are worth alot of money, would like to know from someone though

Hi there and thanks for joining us. The mark you describe sounds like that of the Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. of Connecticut, which subsequently became Wallace Silversmiths, which is still in business today. A good, crisp close-up of the marks is needed to be sure. As for value, after identifying the maker, a search of eBay completed items and a look at will give you a good idea. The term “worth a lot of money” is fairly relative in the silver trade; you start with the notion that sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, and silver is a commodity like gold, copper, or pork bellies. So the scrap value of the silver is your starting point and what drives the value up is how rare or unique the item or set may be. Most American sterling flatware sets were mass produced using dies and not worth a whole lot more than the scrap value, with notable exceptions, Tiffany being the most prominent.

In any event a picutre would be vey helpful.


Uncle Vic