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Need help identifying Sheffield Silverplate

]'m trying to help my neighbor identify a silverplate tea set that she inherited. She’s hoping to sell it, but we can’t identify the mark (please see photo).

I would appreciate any help you can[/size] give me.
iPad Photos 012.jpg

Not a trademark which I recognise and I can’t find it in any of my usual sources. All I can say is that it is not one of the major manufacturers so knowing the maker is not likely to improve the price.

Thanks, I appreciate your attempt to identify it. It’s a very lovely set, art deco, ebony handles etc. When I couldn’t find any information on it, I was hoping that the rarity of it would increase the value. I guess silverplate tea sets are something whose time has come and gone. I have one too I would like to sell, but I know what it is and it isn’t worth much.