need help identifying the purpose

Sorry, I accidentally posted this in the photography section by accident. I have inherited this from my grandmother’s collection. I already know that it is 1928 Reed & Barton holloware footed bowl, as it states this clearly on the silver hallmark posts. The pattern reads 4020L. I have no idea what it’s pupose is for…my mother thinks it is a floral frog for centerpieces. I tried to include pics, but I cannot figure out how to add them to the post. It keeps telling me the file size is to large??? Anyway, whatever help or sites anyone knows of to help me out is appreciated. Thanks. oops, I forgot, it has a lid, that when placed upside down in the bowl looks very much like a floral frog. My family has been in the floral business for well over a hundred years, don’t know if that helps or not. Will keep trying to get the picture thing worked out. Thanks again.
strange silver bowl 003.JPG
strange silver bowl 002.JPG
strange silver bowl 001.JPG

Well … let me throw my hat into the ring for this Xmas puzzle.

I would suggest it could be a steam inhaler, where hot water would be poured into it, with essence of eucalyptus (or Olbas Oil). Then place ones head over along with a draped towel - & inhale. Latter day 'flu treatment!
In picture 2, perhaps the Knop would turn the lid to diffuse the steam?

Just an idea.


Hi there and thanks for joining us. Its a centerpiece flower frog. I have one almost identical - the shape of the bowl lip is the give-away. Try to post a clear close-up of the marks and perhaps we can help you date it.


Uncle Vic

Sheepishly crawling back into that ring to retrieve my hat …

Shucks, tomnik, you don’t have to be sheepish - the only reason I knew what it was is I have one just like it. Your silver knowledge is unsurpassed as demonstrated by your excellent posts over the years.

The tip off to it being a centerpiece flower frog - other than the hatchwork insert - is the reverse rounded lip of the bowl - very typical of early 20th century American frogs.

And it would indeed make a decent inhaler in a pinch.


Uncle Vic

I was in’flu’enced by my present condition :wink: