need help identifying this please

i have had this since i was 8 years old ( 30 yrs ago ) my nan gave it to me as i took a shine to it but i never found out what it was but obviously silver

can anyone on here tell what it is please and is it worth anything?

i can only just make out the markings using a pair of specs as a magnifying glass lol

under the lid it has what looks like a lion stamped and an x stamped…

around the rim where the lid closes down on are these markings stamped around the rim … “H&A” , what looks like a lion again ’ an “x” again and what looks like an anchor…

sorry for the very poor pictures the camera on my phone is rubbish

This is a case for a cigarette or cheroot holder. One sometimes sees them described as needle cases, but the clue is in the shape. The conical shape allows a cigarette holder to be removed easily; needle cases are cylindrical or flattened cylinders.

The hallmark is Birmingham (anchor) with a date of 1897 or 1922 and H&A is Horton & Allday. You can check the date on the Birmingham Assay Office web site here.

Based on eBay completed auctions I would expect it to be worth £10 - £20 although this depends on condition and size.