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need help identifying this

Hi there. I recently stumbled upon a collection of silverware. I’m not sure what type of spoon this is and I need help knowing what its called and its name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Oh and on the back it says EP (clover) NS England. Assumed to be Barker Brothers.

You don’t give any dimensions but, assuming a length of 6 - 8 inches (15 - 20 cm) or thereabouts, I would call it a sundae spoon. Barker Brothers sounds right for the manufacturer from your description of the mark.

Yes, dimensions would be helpful. It is about 6 inches long (5 3/8 to be specific) and the spoon part it self is almost an inch across. The rounded “backstop” portion of the spoon is 1/2 inch tall.

Ah, I missed that extra bit on your first picture; I assumed it was some sort of strange reflection. I have to say that I’ve never seen anything like that before so it’s not a sundae spoon. I can’t see how it could possibly help with eating so I assume it must be for serving something, but I really can’t think what.

I’m not sure either, but thank you for your help.