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Need help identifying...................

I have a pitcher, approx 6-8 in tall. On the bottom, it has GORHAM, with anchor inside a pennant, just below on each side has letters “E” “P”, silver soldered, #015155, 16 oz. On the side of the pitcher, it has (2) stars, just below USN (may be able to see in picture. I have attached a pitcher.

What is it?
Is it worth anything?
What do all the marks mean?

Gorham Pitcher.jpg

: :laughing:

(Have you found out about it yet i have the same one)

EP and silver-soldered imply that your pitcher is electroplated. As such it has no intrinsic value as it is made of a base metal with an infinitesimally thin layer of pure silver deposited on the surface. It may have some value to a collector of militaria as I assume that USN probably stands for United States Navy. Gorham is a prolific American manufacturer of silver and electroplate.