Need help in identifying Silver Tongs!

Hi everyone and a Happy New Year! Last year a friend gave me the idea of silver (and gold) collecting as a fascinating hobby, with the added bonus of being a great investment. Visited the site a few times, each time many hours have enjoyably vanished, although never been able to contribute or have anything for you to study…until now.
Recently purchased a box of silver at a local auction, I have identified all of it except these tongs…
For what it’s worth here’s my thoughts:
1st Mark: No idea!! Is this the silver mark?
2nd Mark: Not sure, possibly a leopard in a shield with round top and cut corners at bottom, not sure if crowned or not.
3rd Mark: Crown in a shield with rounded top and cut corners at bottom.
4th Mark: Letter ‘C’ in shield with half diamond on left side and cut corners on right side.
5th Mark: Letters ‘WP’ in diamond within Crown.
Confused about leopard (if it is leopard) and crown, so presume not a leopard for London because the crown seems certainly Sheffield…but the date letter seems to fit London (1736 or 1798) better than any for Sheffield. Cant find any Makers in Sheffield with ‘WP’ but there’s three in London, all Williams, Peatson, Plummer and Potter.
Apologies if thats a load of nonsense, spent many hours to produce it!!!
Many thanks and any ideas much appreciated,
Tongs gallery.JPG
Tongs 1st Mark.JPG
Tongs Hallmark.JPG

I would suggest electroplate of WILLIAM PAGE & CO Birmingham
The firm was established in 1834, but there was a William Page & partners present in Sheffield also.


Hi steve did you find out anything about these tongs
Regards Keith