Need help reading the makers marks on Coffee Maker.

Hi Everyone (hope someone can help with this)

These are the makers marks on a Napierian Coffee Maker that belongs to my parents. We have only recently found out that it is a Napierian Coffee Maker and made by Roberts & Belk, Sheffield. I’m totally stuck on the other marks.
The stand and egg shaped part are relatively light weight but the large cup is heavier by comparison. The marks appear on the bottom of the cup.
Silver is not my main interest but this Coffee Maker has fascinated me for years. We would love to know more about it.
Thanks in advance for any information provided.

Coffee Maker (2).jpg
Makers Mark (2).JPG

S=Sheffield (I think); EP = electroplate; the Aladdin’s lamp symbol is R&B’s trade mark.

The ‘s’ looks very similar to the 1910 date letter for Sheffield it maybe something significant happened to the company in that year and that was their way of commemorating/celebrating the event. Georeg V came to the throne but it’s unlikely to be that. The last device looks a bit crownish could be intended to indicate Sheffield.
Fun this speculation stuff isn’t it. It might not help but fun.


Thanks for the information.
When I first heard about Silver Marks I thought this will be so easy to work out, how wrong I was.
Keep up the excellent work.
Does anyone know if these Coffee Makers were very common as I have not found any pictures of a similar one when searching the Internet.

This item is electro plated and the maker is:-
The firm was established in Sheffield in 1809 under the style of Furnyss, Pole & Turner and from 1823 it traded as William Briggs. From 1858 it was managed by William Briggs and Samuel Roberts under the style Roberts & Briggs. In 1863 Roberts continued the business in partnership with Charles Belk under the style Roberts & Belk. In 1901 the firm was convertd to Roberts & Belk Ltd