Need help silverplate or not? What is the mark?

Hi I picked this up at a yard sale with another one that was silverplate. I can’t find any info about it. Please help.
full view.JPG

Hi there Tracylyn and thanks for joining us. That appears to be the mark of the Concord Silver Co. of Concord, New Hampshire. It was founded in 1925 and was in bankruptcy by 1939 when the name changed to Concord Silversmiths, Ltd. The Ellmore Silver Co. took it over at some point in the early 1940s.

The Concord marks in my reference books and on do not have the crown, so my confidence level is less than 100%. The absence of the words “sterling” or “sterling silver” is a near certain indicator that the item is plated.

It may be that after Ellmore took over the company the crown was added to the mark for the Concord line, but that is speculation on my part.

Perhaps some of our readers can help?


Uncle Vic

Thanks for your help and the welcome. I imagine it is silverplate too but I don’t see any similarity to the Concord crown. I’m stumped.