Hi Folks. This is my 2nd time here.I hope I have learned how to resize a photo properly.
I have searched until blue in face to find out this Sterling Flatware spoon maker mark. No luck, I tried searching Patterns as well.
I have about 8 of the same maker. The Maker mark Looks to me like a “D” in script. Besides the maker hallmark, is the word Sterling, Pat’d & some have the letter H, or R… Others no letter. ( The way i understand it, that “H,R” letters can refer to a weight, or a year, depending on the piece.) Different weights, but most are approx 31.5 grams, 5-3/4" long. These appear Very old, but polished up great with “Wrights” silver polish. I have no other info, no country idea etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope the photo works. Thanks all. Jerry

I make this the mark of William B Durgin Co, of Rhode Island. Dates from between 1880 - 1905 at which time they were bought by Gorham. Although the script ‘D’ was still used by Gorham until around 1930.

John, Thank you much. I actually came back to this page to post just about what you wrote. Found it finally on a 925 maker mark site late last night. Again my thanks.
I have only polished out 1 of about 10 so far. (Not the type patina one would like.) I use Wrights compound, then Wrights Polish. Guess I have been is the silver game for about 1-1/2 years now. Still a newbee, but I doubt it will never cease to amaze me how beautiful something over 100 years old can be. I also find it interesting, the many health benefits Silver has for the human body, but I guess that is another topic. Thank you again. , Jerry