Need help to identify silver

I got a possible silver salt with no hallmark at all, only the maker’s mark and it is JBC&S L*,
I have searched for the maker’s hallmark in both sterling silver and silver plate, I found that the maker’s mark match it’s sterling silver items.
Additionally, I measured its density, its around 10g/cm^3, give or take, it basically as same as sterling silver, and also its sounds very crisp, similar to the silver item.
Is it possible to have sterling silver item without any sterling hallmarks? Now I am really confusing about it. It not that like silver plated item… Thank you so much for helping me figure it out.

While it is theoretically possible that it could have avoided the assay process the chances are vanishingly small. Without subjecting it to another assay there is no proof of composition so it’s best just to treat it as a white metal object.

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