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Need help to identify this cutlery hallmark

Hi all,

My family has an old silver (could be silver plate?) cutlery set which dates back to the mid 1920’s (I think) but I can’t make sense out of the hallmark letters. I have attached a couple of pictures showing the marks and one of the spoons.

As far as I can see the letters are “f & S e p A1”. Any help would be much appreciated.



It’s certainly silver plate (the ‘EP’ meaning ElectroPlate)
British electroplaters used a letter code for their “Plated” wares. The best quality being A1.
F&S could be Fattorini & Sons Ltd of Kirkgate & Westgate, Bradford, but unsure.


Ah thanks for that. Is there any way to tell the date from these marks? I presume the style of letter indicates a date?