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Need help to identify this " pierced spoon "

Hello this is my first post on this forum. I am from Belgium ( sorry for my terrible language ) and I bought this " pierced spoon " on a flea market.
It shows the biblical scene Mose rescued from the NIle but I don’t really know what is the use ( house, ceremonial or other ) of such a " spoon " ( length t is ± 7 1/2 inches )
Somewhere somebody who knows ? Any idea of its age ?
THanks !
cuillère 1.jpg
cuillère 2 reduit.JPG
cuillère 3.jpg

Hi and thank you for joining us. A lot of spoons of this form were made around the end of the 19th century by Dutch and German silversmiths. I have never been sure whether they have a practical purpose or whether they are just for decoration.