Need help w/ hallmark ID

I recently aquired 2 silver vases w/ hallmarks which I am unfamiliar with. The Lion is the only one Im pretty certain about but need help with the others please.

In fact the lion has no particular significance. The mark is a “pseudo-mark”, i.e. one made up by the maker/manufacturer to look like a hallmark. These marks are normally seen on the products of some North American silversmiths, on Chinese export silver, or on electroplated wares. I do not recognise this particular set of symbols but my inclination is towards Chinese export ware, probably because the person who made the marks has the crowned G upside down with respect to the lion and the fleur-de-lis.

I suggest that, if you can, you have them properly tested, not just with the surface scratch and acid method.


Thank you for your prompt response. Im usually very good @ research & Identification so that makes sense as to why theres a lack of info for these particular “hallmarks”. I have a Sigma Metalytics elctronic gold & silver tester which shows it to be fine .999 silver. I tested known sterling & silver plated items to insure accuracy which it does & everytime it reads .999 with this pair. I initially thought silver plated due to the copper color showing but the tester says otherwise… New pic is of the one i havent cleaned yet…