Need help with a R.W. & CO Manufacturers piece

Picked up this item from an estate sale ten years ago because it looked pretty interesting. Unfortunately it was banished to the attic shortly after we bought it due to limited space and because we could never really figure out its proper use. Thinking about throwing it in with some other yard sale items, but wondering if folks here can provide insight into what it is and what it may be worth before I part ways with it. Thoughts? Thanks.

Hello Virginia,

I would do more research before selling that at a yard sale… Or, I’ll give ya $10 for it! LOL… The R.W. & Co. I believe represents Robert Wallace & Company. This link might provide some additional information… Or, send a few really clear pictures to Replacement, Inc. They offer a free pattern identification program…

I am serious… I’ll give you $10 and pay for shipping… :smiley: