Need Help with Antique Spoon PLZ !!!

OK so I hope Someone Can Help We Are going through some stuff that my grandmother had and we don’t want to sell or anything but I need to know what it is and what it may be worth so I can add all this to my insurance for my homeowners policy. Plus it would just be nice to know, It has been killing my wife and I for a year or so since she passed away(my grandmother)
Sorry the color looks off thanks to the cam but it is silver that much I do know.

Os If anyone can help It would be greatly appreciated !!!

So much thanx in advance !!! :smiley:

I can’t tell you who WF is, but this is typical of a late 19th century electroplate mark. So no real commercial value I fear - and no need to trouble the insurance company.

I didn’t know you could electroplate silver ?
In any event until someone can tell me who “WF” is and exactly what and where it came from I would still love some input, Thank you for your response ! :smiley:

Well, I guess you could electroplate silver, but what would be the point? Electroplating is applied onto a base metal such as nickel-silver (which itself contains no silver whatsoever).