Need help with date and maker's mark - R&S ?

I have a set of 6 small silver spoons and I’m trying to work out the hallmark. I think the lion means it’s silver and the leopard’s head means it’s London.

I think the date mark is either 1919 or 1929 - what do you think?

However I’ve been looking for the maker’s mark on the web and can’t find anything. I think it says R & S in old Gothic-type letters. Can anyone help?

I’ve uploaded a photo of the whole spoon too if that helps.

Thanks very much!

The date letter is “d” for 1919 and R&S are Reid & Sons of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Thanks very much silvermakersmarks! That makes complete sense actually as my mum’s family come from Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. Thanks again.

Actually, do you know whether these are teaspoons or another type of spoon? Just thought I’d ask in case you can answer, otherwise I will post on one of the other forums.

They seem to be teaspoon size so could certainly be used as teaspoons. I don’t know if they are of a specific pattern with, perhaps, matching forks, spoons, etc. The other possibility, given their date, is that they are some sort of commemoration of the end of WW1.