Need help with Hallmark on old silver bell.

Any help with information on this old silver bell would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t figure out the maker, but I have included a picture of the Hallmark.

1 15/16 inches in diameter x 3 inches high

Bell weighs 86.5 grams


OK, the research I have done and came up with is this:

I make out the maker as “GMF GOD”

The Anchor is Birmingham, England, but I have not seen the shield as it is seen here.

The 040, I don’t have a clue.

The P, from what I have read stands for the date, but they usually have a style of shield around them, too.

Please correct me or tell me if I am right on any of these remarks.

Thanks again,


It’s not a Birmingham anchor and is not British sterling. I suspect a US origin. Is it a Gorham mark?

I looked it up and Gorham looks to be the maker.
Following that lead the “P” puts it at 1883 for a manufacture date.
I can only assume the “040” is a pattern number or something.
The letters on top are still a mystery since they are so hard to read.

Thank you very much on the lead!