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Need help with hallmark


I have attached a picture showing hallmarks from a set of dessert spoons that i have. I know it’s Sheffield but i can’t date it as i cant find any marks in my book matching whats on the spoon. Also can someone tell me what the 2nd symbol from the right is? is it an import mark?

Thnanks [/b]
spoon hallmark 2.JPG

That is a silverplate mark used by Joseph Gilbert, Birmingham, England.
The circle and cross mark was their trademark.

Even though the spoons are hallmarked Sheffield?

The spoon is marked with a crown, but in this case, it is not for Sheffield.

It was common practice for victorian silverplate to be marked with sudo sterling silver hallmarks. Obviously, this is quite confusing and as such the practice became illegal sometime in the 1890s. From then on, it was neccessary for silver plate to be marked with e.p. This is often seen in conjunction with other letters, epns, epbm.

From this, we know that your spoon is pre 1890.


Ok thanks for explaining that for me, it certainly does make it confusing.