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Need help with hallmarks on a walking stick

These photos are about the clearest I could get them after about 20 minutes of fussing with a jewelers loop and my phone. I hope it’s clear enough that someone could give me some idea of what they might be. This is the handle of a cane, the people I got it from said it’s very old and they think it is silver.
I think that the one on the right looks like a dogs head with a couple of tiny symbols flanking it, and the leftmost one looks like a W and a backwards R, but maybe that’s an A? I’ve looked over lists of marks, but haven’t found anything that looks very similar.
Any help or direction would be immensely appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

The mark on the right is an Austro-Hungarian mark used on small items from 1872 to 1922. The character on the left of the dog’s head indicates the silver fineness - 3 for 800/1000 silver; and on the right is a letter showing the control town - it’s probably A for Vienna. A complete list can be found here.

That information may let you get a bit closer to discovering the maker.


Hi Phil,
Thank you so much! Now that you pointed it out to me, of course it comes up in every search I make for it. I appreciate you taking the time to steer me in the right direction.
Many thanks!