Hi there.
I’ve recently inherited a complete set of sterling silver place settings for 24 which was purchased by my great grandparents and handed down over the generations.
It comes complete with soup ladle, carving knife, serving spoons, etc.
Based on the markings I found on each piece, I could only establish that the manufacturer was Holland Aldwinkle & Slater.
Can anyone help me out with the rest of the markings?
Also, can anyone help appraise such a set?
Thanks and hope to hear from you.

The knife blade, in addition to the sponsor’s mark of Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater, has a London hallmark for 1907/08.

For an idea of value I suggest you check out completed auctions on eBay. You won’t find such a comprehensive set (or perhaps not even exactly the same pattern) but you should be able to get some idea of what people are willing to pay for individual items or groups of items. Alternatively, for a more formal valuation/estimate, you could take a good set of photographs with sizes, weights, etc. and contact one of the major international auction houses.

Hi there.
Thank you so much for your reply. Upon your recommendation I checked the Ebay site and found several individual silver pieces there which are similar to my collection.
I’ve also found a local auction house in my area and will request for a formal appraisal for the lot. I’m not in any desperate rush to sell the collection but it is always good to know the value of such a set.
Thanks again and best wishes.