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Need help with hallmarks.

I have two sterling silver bowls that I need help with. I’ve tried taking picture of the hallmarks, but my camera gets fuzzy when I try to get a close up of the mark, so I’ll try my best to describe them as accurately as I can.

Bowl # 1 has: B.S.O
925 file

Bowl #2 - Has a knight with a plume from the top of his helmet with his head turned sideways. The bottom part is oval going into his shoulders. On the oval part is “S” or possibly an “8”.

Above the word “sterling” scratched into it are the letters: o/s/n…or if you read the word “sterling” upside down, the letters are: n/s/o…very weird.

I hope someone can help. I’ve looked all over the Internet and I have the “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers” and have gone through it page by page with no luck.