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Need help with identification please :)

I am hoping that someone can help me identify this fork. It is 8 1/4" long. Please see pictures. :slight_smile: Thank you!
DSCN3527 (500x375).jpg
DSCN3523 (500x375).jpg
DSCN3526 (640x480) (500x375).jpg

Patern name is “Empire” and it dates from 1790ties onwards. Still manufactured in the 1930ties and most likely also later. The oldest piece I have iis 1799. Made originally with the deep-cut to differenciate from old sheffild plate. That could not be deep engraved.
Yours is made of Electroplating - the 2 towers should look alike the 3 towers in silver.

The use of 2 towers was a marketing trick used after 1890ties and they stopped after agreemnet in the 1930ties.
Your fork is therefor not american but danish.
A long tradition but not very old - not later that 1930ties. Could be as old as 1893 so somewhere in between. Most likely 90- 100 years.
It is messing the is electroplated - i.e. a thin layer of silver upon messing or alpacca.

Thank you so much for your reply. I had no idea that it was Danish. Do you have any idea what the “A.F” stands for? Could it be A. Fleron? :question:

he was a silversmith - dont know if he made plate also. EP marks are not researched, so I dont know who A.F is.