Need help with Italian silver maker

I received this framed sterling silver picture as part of a Christie’s auction lot. It was given to PM Margret Thatcher from the defense minister of Bahrain. The hallmarks are so small it’s hard to photograph. The back of the picture has a sticker that says made in Italy. Is this from an Italian silver maker?

Yes, it’s Italian. The part of the mark beginning with the 5-pointed star gives the maker (a numerical code for the maker plus an alphabetical code for the province). Your picture is not clear enough to read the details but you might be able to find the it in this topic from another forum: Silver Forums at It has lots of entries so use the search function.


That was a big help. Thanks. I forgot I had a jewelers 10X loupe and used that. The smallest part on the right reads 84 BS. The BS is Brescia Province and the 84 is identification of the silversmith, however the chart is incomplete and only reads 1-28.

I’m a little late to answer, but better late than never.
The firm corresponding to 84 BS is
L.A.M. Lavorazione Artistica Metalli (Artistic Metal Processing)
Via consolare 70 Erbusco (BS).
The hallmark reveals that the plate is not solid silver, but filled “riempito” (R inside a square) and the weight of silver is between 35 and 40 grams
The defense minister of Bahrain could have done a little more for Margret Thatcher.

Wow, that’s great information, thanks. Agreed. He could have sprung a little more for a Prime Minister, lol