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Need help with marks on two items - goblet & spoon

Hello again.
i hope it is not being gratuitous but i have two (more) items with marks i need help with.

The first is a goblet which i previously questioned about on this forum but did not have pics for. It was fairly beaten up and i wondered if i should purchase it but decided to take a chance. If i recall correctly, it was reported to have been early French, but i can find no reference to these marks. On the rim is an oak leaf with a letter x and on the base is stamped what appears to read: “I G VINE HV T”.

The other is a spoon i have had for some time which i believe may have come with a Georgian tea caddy, but i am not sure. It may be common knowledge but i have not seen what i am assuming is the Birmingham town mark and duty mark accompany a star and find nothing for a maker “M.P” (except perhaps Michael Plummer from London).

Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

I have no idea about the rim mark on the goblet but my feeling for the marks on the foot is that it is a name, prossibly the owner’s. Reading the V as U gives I GUINEHUT. OK maybe it doesn’t really help.

The mark on the spoon is definitely not a Birmingham hallmark. Although Birmingham uses the anchor as its town mark there are other uses of the anchor symbol.

For what it’s worth, i managed to find the mark for the spoon! From … thsP3.html

Maltby Pelletreau
New York, NY 1813-1840
In the partnerships of Clark & Pelletreau c. 1819;
Pelletreau & Upson c. 1824; and Pelletreau, Bennett &
Cook with John Bennett and D.C. Cook 1826-1828.

I fully agree - it related to owner and not maker. Makers mark a better image is needed. Focus on the mark - and nothing else. And much better quality.

Unfortunately, there is no maker mark and the other image is so extremely small that, despite my being able to clearly shoot just about any other mark (100’s to date), this one is as good as it gets - which is an oak leaf with an x at its base.

i’ll see what i can some up with but i doubt it will be any better, but thanks anyway!

set camera to macro. Take a big picture in pixels and cut everything off except the mark.

Sorry - that’s what you are looking at now. It is tiny.