Need help with Salad Set

We have come across a salad set my late motherinlaws things and are trying to determine if it is sterling silver or plate it does not say on the box or card that is with it. It is from Kirks Ltd . They are 13-1/2 inches long and total weight of the two is approx 10-1/2 ounes. I have attached photos.
Thanks for any help in determining value
Bob H

As there are no hallmarks this must be, at best electroplate. As such your salad set has no intrisic value - only utility value.

Hi thank you for response however isnt that top picture the hallmark? Sorry I know very little about this stuff. On the card that is in the box with the set it shows that mark that is engraved on each item and above it says hall and below it says mark.
Bob H

I guess I am only allowed one question.
Thanks anyway didnt really learn much here.

Hi Bob,
Ask as many questions as you want - no problem.
But, as there is no indentifiable hallmark in your photo (the word ‘hallmark’ is not indicative), then the previous suggestion is correct.
Solid silver should have an indication of silver purity, an assay mark for city/region, a possible date mark & of course in many instances, the word ‘Sterling’. Your picture shows none of these
There are many sites online giving descriptions of genuine silver marks from most countries.
Hope this helps somewhat

Ok John Thank you much.
I guess I just got some silver plated copper here.
Bob H.

I have found this trademark. Kirk’s Ltd produced electroplate under the trade name Silver Guild which explains the S and G. The company’s address was Toledo Works, Sheffield. Unless you can see copper showing through it is more likely that the plating is on a white metal such as nickel-silver.