Need help with Silver Crumb Sweeper marks

I have a silver crumb sweeper pan that has some markings on it that I am trying to understand. On the bottom of the pan there is the Letters E, C and P each in a small square. There is also a mans head with a beard, a crown and what looks like the capital letter L written in script.

THere is also a coat of arms on the lid of the pan. I would appreciate any help in what these all mean.I have attached photos of the marks and coat of arms.

Thanks, Jeffrey Charles
Crumb Sweeper Coat of Arms.jpg
Crumb Sweeper Silver Marks.jpg
Crumb Sweeper Coat of Arms.jpg

EPC stands for electroplate on copper so your crumb sweeper is plated rather than solid silver. The trade mark below EPC is that of the Sheffield Silver Co of Brooklyn.