Need help with these hallmarks

Hello, I just joined because i have been trying to identify this teapot that my wifes grandparents left her.
I think, Mind you i have reserched what I could online and this is all I have been able to come up with, possible 1837 or 1893? the two letters on it and I don’t know which is the date. past that I can find nothing else tohelp me with the rest of the hall marks.
I am assuming that it is sterling silver based on the first hall mark.
Also if anybody has any idea of it value I would love to hear what you think.
I have the teapot and I am guessing the sugar and creamer. but the tray is sliver plated rogers and son #1772, don’t knoiw it value either.
thanks in advance and hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks Charles.[/img]

Sorry forgot the picture.
9-20-2011 043 (2) (500x374).jpg

Unfortunately your teapot is neither British nor silver. It is, at best, electroplated and by the Wallingford Co of Wallingford, Ct. It dates from the first half of the 20th century, when this company was active. Electroplate has very little commercial value; you may be able to get a rough idea of the value by searching eBay’s completed auctions for similar items.

Incidentally Glasgow is not in England - it is in Scotland and a Scot would be very offended at the idea of it being moved to England!

First off sorry to all the Scots out there. Didn’t mean to offend. Just chalk it up to those D$#N yanks.
Second Thanks for the info. It is really hard to find any information on stuff like this when you have no idea where to start…
So any idea what the stamps mean?

The top 4 are the company’s trade mark. NS could be nickel silver (which would indicate a base metal alloy containing no silver at all). I’m not sure about the significance of the 35, but 3107N is most likely a pattern identifier.