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Need Help with these items

Im a newbie here and have tried and tried to find these on the internet and haven’t had much luck so i am hoping you can help!
I just bought these items at an estate sale and I don’t know much about them…

-the first is a Rogers 1881 canada SPBM 7377 A38 its about 9 inches tall and has a engraved handle on it.

-second is a small creamer that is about 5 inches tall and has a mark on the underside that has a lion on one side of a crown and a horse on the other side above that is what looks like H.S. Co and the bottom of the logo has G 3050
Are they worth anything?
Thanks Lonnie

Hi there Lonnie and thanks for joining us. The Rogers pot is silver plated (SPBM = Silver Plated Base Metal) and of little commercial value.

The creamer was meade by the Hartford Sterling Co. of Philadelphia, PA which was founded in 1900 and is also silver plated. It likewise has little monetary value.

But they are both very attractive and a nice addition to any table.


Uncle Vic

cool thanks vic, i just bought them cause i liked them and am not that concerned about the value… I just was wondering the history of them
Thank you