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Need Help with These Three Hallmarks

I bought this decorative serving dish of sorts from a thrift store a couple years ago and just today after doing some dusting realized that it was tarnished silver, most likely plated cause I see some violet, and it has markings on it but I can’t figure out what they mean or where its from. I thought it looked Indian but I don’t really know.

There are three stamps side by side (actually it looks like one stamp but with three different images).

  • The first is an animal bust facing to the right. It looks like it could be a hyena, dog or maybe a lion with its right paw raised and its tongue sticking out.

  • The second is a crescent moon.

  • The third looks like a rooster (maybe a phoenix) facing to the left with wings or feathers (three feathers) raised on its back and three little one on its head (peacock maybe?).

Each one is outlined in a square as you see in the images. Sorry for the quality, I tried. I’m just curious as to what the markings mean so I know where its from and roughly how old.

Without flash:

With flash:

Hi there Kotick and thanks for joining us. Your dish is American silverplate made by the Crescent Silverware Mfg. Co., Inc. of Port Jarvis, New York. The company was founded in New York City in 1922 and moved to Port Jarvis in 1939. It made a wide variety of silver plated goods - at one time some 450 different products - and was bought by the Samuel Kirk Co. in 1977.

It is an attractive dish, so gently polish it with a mild silver polish and enjoy it!


Uncle Vic

Oh cool, thanks Vic!