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Need help with this spoon PLEASE.

Hi there,

I found this Spoon in a charity shop, and was wondering what it could be worth? It weighs 14.3 gr can’t tell you if it is pure silver. I have attached two pictures one that shows the hallmarks, the firs is P&M, then S, then a crown, Then a Star shape, and the last one is very hard to make out. Hopefully this is enough information to go on.

Thank You.


This is an electroplated spoon and is almost certainly English. I can’t tell you who P&M are, but they may be Parkin & Marshall of Sheffield. It probably dates from around or just before 1890 as the use of the crown on electroplated wares was made illegal about that time. It is a mustard spoon, but is unfortunately worth practically nothing.

I agree with the post above. Unfortunately it is plate, not sterling silver and worth very little. If you think that you may be buying some english silver, look out for the lion passant symbol.