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Need ID help on Silver Chamberstick - KI with Dover Over It

I need some help identifying a hallmark on a chamberstick. Not sure if it is silver or silverplate. The hallmark is a “KI” with a dove over it. There are no other markings that I can see anywhere on the piece. Candle cup fastens onto the drip tray with a screw/bolt. I saw a set of goblets in my research that said “KI de Uberti” that the ebay lister said was from Italy (same KI hallmark, just added words de Uberti). Haven’t found anything with just the KI. Not sure if metal is silver or silver plate but a magnet won’t stick. If anyone knows anything about Origin, Approx Date, Silver/Silverplate, Value of this piece, it would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
low res candlestick.JPG
low res candlestick 3.JPG
low res candlestick 2.JPG

De Uberti is a silver exporter company from Italy. Nearly all pieces date from the mid to late 1900s, and were primarily silver plate.
Italian solid silver items should have either an ‘800’ or a ‘925’ stamped somewhere on it to indicate silver fineness/content. If it isn’t evident, then consider it silver plate.
Based on the dove stamp it’s likely to be from around the 1970s.
Hope this helps