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Need Info on Sheffield Silver Tea/Coffee Service Set

I was hoping to find more information on a tea/coffee service set that was given to my grandmother as a wedding present in 1913 in the Petersburg, VA area. I want to know more about where it was made and potentially how much it might be worth. Any information that you all could give me would be greatly appreciated! I have a coffee pot, a tea pot, a creamer, a sugar bowl, a cubed sugar bowl, and a tray (that is not pictured in the linked photographs).

These are safe, Photobucket links.
Photo of the marks: … GP0492.jpg
Photo of the set: … GP0497.jpg

Thanks for your time!!

Hi there kdperki and thanks for joining us. Your set was made by The Pairpoint Corporation of New Bedford, Mass. The mark you show was used on their silverplated Sheiffield reproductions. The set was probably made between 1900 and when your ancestor received it in 1913. American silverplated sets such as yours have little commercial value. It is a very attractive set and one you should use and display. Keep it lightly polished to fully enhnace its beauty. A very nice family heirloom.


Uncle Vic