Need Information for Tea Pot & Creamer

I just got these two items and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the makers and perhaps
the year and value (If any).
The first is a tea pot with Davis Island C.C. engraved on the side.
with L. Barth & Son Inc, New York, Nickel Silver, Silver Soldered 16 oz on the bottom.
The second im guessing is a creamer with The World Silver Plate Co 1001 on the bottom.
I’ve searched both and could not find much information on them. Any help would be appreciated.
Davis Island(L.Barth & Son Inc).jpg
the world silverplate co.jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Both appear to be American silver plate and of little or no commercial value. I can’t find reference to either maker in a quick look in my books, but I suspect the Barth name may be a retailer vs. a maker. The World company may be a trade name for one of the mass silver plate makers such as Rogers, Oneida, International, etc. Date is next to impossible to pin down other than from the style I’d guess early to mid-20th century.

The term “nickel silver” refers to an alloy that contains zero silver and the term “silver soldered” likewise tells us its not solid silver.

American “sterling silver” (92.5% pure silver) is virtually always marked as such.

You might try doing a google search on the Davis Island Counry Club and see if it still exists as I suspect its a golf or tennis award from there, and who knows, they may be willing to pay dearly to have it for display.


Uncle Vic

Wow, thanks for the response. This information is going to help me a lot. :smiley: