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Need Mfg. of silverplate set.


I have a set of silver plate that consist of a large tray, a coffee server, tea server,
creamer and sugur bowl all with the markings MMC with a crown.
Can you ID the mfg? Age is early 1900’s


I have this mark on a tray, only it appears to have meen stamped backwards my c is in front and backwards. Have you been able to find a maker yet? I have been unable to find a name.


No one has replied to my question. For some reason I thought there were experts
who could id my set on this web site…


There are experts that view this site on a near daily basis. Silence means none of us can identify your mark. It is a silverplate mark, of which there are thousands. I have a vauge memory of this mark coming up here several years ago with similar results, particularly the inverted mark.


Uncle Vic


Uncle Vic,
Thanks. I appriciate the feedback.


Hello! I see there haven’t been any replies to this thread in few months :frowning: I, too, have acquired an object with these markings. I haven’t been able to find much about them other than it being “unidentified.”

Another marking photo:

This is the object I have (I’m not sure exactly what it’s called):