Need to identify Deer Head hallmark on sterling ring tree

I have a beautiful little sterling silver ring tree that is marked on the bottom of the tray with a deer head and the word ‘sterling’. The number ‘39’ is also stamped below the other marks. Any help with the ‘deer head’ mark would be much appreciated!

Hi there and thanks for joining us here on silver-collector…Your mark is one of those that drive me crazy…I know I’ve seen the mark before, it is almost certainly American, but I can’t find it in my books or on line. So I’m asking for help from the members here…c’on folks, we can identify this…the only deer head I know well is the old Wallace one, but it’s not the same.

Uncle Vic

Looks like the second Wallace hallmark listed here:

I am not a silver specialist but i came across this while researching for a friend? Portugual?