Need your help to identify the brooch please

I spent days trying to find out what country belong this brooch.
Hope you can help me please.
What I think from what i saw in internet ( but didn’t find any exactly matching hallmarks, neither similar brooches). So I think it could be Dublin , year around 1993-2000?
Appreciate all answers.

Yes, it’s a Dublin mark - an import mark for 1993. However that doesn’t say anything about where the brooch was actually made.


Thank you Phil
What does it mean ?

It means that the brooch was made in some place outside Ireland and imported into the country in 1993. Before it could be sold as silver it had to be tested (assayed) and the special import mark for Dublin was therefore used instead of the harp and Hibernia marks.

Wow! Thanks you very much for all this information.
Its very interesting!
What country do you locate?