nevada silver sugar tongs

Hi i am hoping you might shed some light on the markings on these sugar tongs. i got as far as Birmingham where i think they were made but please correct me if im wrong :confused: . There is what looks like a crown a lined globe and the letters D&A. The only other stamps are the writing of Nevada Silver. hope some one can help me. many thanks and kind regards
Debbie. :slight_smile:
i have tried without great success to upload some pics of this but at the mo i cant manage it sorry :frowning:

No need for pictures on this one. D&A is Daniel & Arter of Birmingham and Iโ€™m sorry to that your tongs are not silver, Nevada Silver was a base metal alloy with an exotic sounding name and the globe was the companyโ€™s trade mark. You will find something about the company together with examples of their marks here.