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New girl with some silver from my grandmothers :)

Hello all!

My grandmothers both recently passed and each left me a set of silver.

The first is a set of 34; it’s stamped .925 and “princess Ingrid”.

The second is silver plate and its a larger set-- and I’m told the pattern is “Lady Hamilton.”

I’m so proud to have these but I confess I know nothing about silver. Should i use these or save them for one day when I have a daughter? I hear selecting a set of silver was a big deal to the Southern belles of yesteryear which my grandmas definitely were. Can anyone tell me what I have here? I’m afraid to use either set if they’re worth anything. I am trying to post pics but the forum won’t let me from my iPhone; says they are too big. Working on a way to downsize.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi there,

Sorry to read about your grandmothers, but what lovely things to remember them by!

Silver is made to be used, so enjoy them! If you are not too rough on them, they will be fine to use and won’t suffer damage. Just don’t use any harsh cleaners (like Silv-o) on them, as that can be too abrasive.

The sterling (.925 stands for 92.5% silver, which is sterling) will probably be worth significantly more than the silver plate set, but it is worth having a look online to get a rough idea what they are worth.

It would still be great to see some photos if you can work it out.


Sorry to hear about your grandmother, this is always a hard thing to deal with. Personally, I would keep them because they obviously meant something to your grandmother and I can see a little inkling that it might be something you’d want to pass on.

I would say the same…keep them and pass them on…would love to see some pics :slight_smile: