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New member and a question

Hello to everyone,

I am new here and also new to collecting silver. Although this is my introductory post I do have a question :slight_smile:

I have a large serving spoon with the name ’ BOULENGER’ stamped on the back, I believe it’s a French spoon but that’s all the info I’ve been able to assertain so far.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Many Thanks

Hi Elise,

Welcome to the forum. Here are a few links for you which might be helpful: … onzbc86wtl

A page which includes an illustration of Boulenger & Cie maker’s mark for silver:

and a post which includes an advertisement for Adolphe Boulenger: … 38&t=13135

Ia am also anew member and I have a real problem identifying the Hallmarks on thsi b silver basket with blue liner intact .I bought it about 10 years ago and thne it just said Continental silver
Pics below

Sorry Loopy, your photos didnt come through.
Interested in looking thouygh
Ed Meyer

I’m a sucker for silver!