New member and help with hallmark please.

My name is Phil, I am a silver collector and enjoy handling and researching silver, many times I have browsed your site and have decided to join to help where I can and sometimes post some of the more unusual items I come across.
Many thanks for having me and please see the pictures of this recently acquired sauce boat which I think is early Italian by the style (possibly Turin ).
It has 2 marks the first seems to be a date letter or makers mark and the second is a stamped head over the figure 8. The head appears to have horns and is possibly a bulls head.
It is hand plenished and appears to be late 18th or early 19th C
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Kind Regards
italian sauce boat 010 (Custom).jpg
italian sauce boat 008 (Custom).jpg
italian sauce boat 007 (Custom).jpg

Sorry, I can’t help with your sauce boat, but I would like to welcome you to the forum. New contributors are always welcome.

(another) Phil