New member and of course hallmark/item identification help needed

Purchased this with a lot of dutch silver miniatures awhile ago but seemed out of place. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dan

Hello welcome. Your item is very different, I think it would be interesting for you to post a photo showing the hallmark very close to the lid, so that people can help you.

Thanks for the response much appreciated. I do know it is a wax stamp of some sort but the markings aren’t common. I’ve uploaded a couple more photos. I did notice 3 markings on the item. One of the markings is a sig of some sort and the other marking is a V with an underline on the lid and body of the item.

Thanks again I’m sure someone will be familiar with it… fingers crossed.

Wouldn’t that be a hallmark? I believe the V was a marking made by a previous owner, as the manufacturer put the initials in the first photo in your reply. Have you tested it to see if it is really silver?

Thanks for the response. That appears to be a hallmark/something but even with my loop I can’t make it out. Your right on the silver remark I haven’t had it assayed I just assumed as everything from the lot was silver. hah!

The hallmark looks like something written in Arabic to me, but it’s strange because of the V, the European coat of arms and the initials on the other hallmark. I think it would be interesting to test it, I confess that I found the color of the piece a little different from what I see in silver.