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New Scottish Silver Book

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new Scottish silver book which should prove to be a useful resource for dealers and collectors alike.

The Edinburgh Goldsmiths I: Training, Marks, Output and Demograhics, by Rodney and Janice Dietert. Lulu Publishing 2007 is now available via

This is a good site source for U.S. collectors. Within 8-10 weeks, the book will also appear on numerous other book distribution sites including, Barnes &, and U.K. sites and UK cusotmers may wish to wait for the UK sites to carry the book to save on shipping costs.

The book includes more than 130 maker’s marks, training of more than 1,200 freemen and apprentices, output comparisons of 40 prominent freemen and demographics on the families of more than 950 Edinburgh apprentices.

Moderators and participants of this forum were exceedingly helpful to us during the preparation of this book. We are most grateful for this assistance.

Rod Dietert

Congratulations to you and Janice!

I’m just downloading a copy now.

I’ll give it a good look through next week.

Its very exciting!!

Regards // Jonathan

I just wanted to provide an update on distribution of
The Edinburgh Goldsmiths I (new Scottish silver book)

As of 15 May
It is now available in the UK via and
as well as a few other sites such as Bookfellas

In France via

Germany via

and in the U.S. via

Hope people enjoy it!!

congratulations for the success.i have downloaded it