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New silver coin collection - FIJI 2013 “Dogs and Cats”

To your attention, We want to present a new collection of silver coins under the name of “Dogs and Cats” made by Switzerland PAMP Mint and developed by one of the largest investment companies in the world - XXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX. The 1th out of 12 series just issued, you have a unique chance to get one of this amazing pieces of art for a good price! Most coins sold out at the Mint before coins were released, not that much left. Do not miss your chance!

You can make an order in our eBay store XXXXXXXXXXXX (powered by XXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX) by clicking this link:

– Link removed –

or text me a private massage(only serious customers).

Also you can preview all the coins here:

– Link removed –

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The idea sounds kind of school, but you can’t advertise on this site because it is against policy. I don’t know if there’s many people looking to collect this kind of thing her. Do you sell it outside of Ebay?