New. Tiffany Silver Clock Box

Hello. New to the forum, and totally new to silver. I just inherited some things in silver and it got me looking around at flea markets for other items. I picked up this box and wanted to know anything about it I could.

The box is marked on the bottom.

Tiffany & Co
8575 Makers 165
Silver Soldered E.F.

It hinges open and at the point you open it at there is an emerald (or so I was told). The clock face is not a real clock and never was, as evidenced by how the gold hands are applied to the face and were never really clock hands. There are two sapphires ( again, so i was told) holding down the gold hands. Pearls ring the top. Its missing one pearl and the clock face has some cracks that look like it may have been dropped at one point. The top is covered in glass.

Can I clean it with a jewelers cloth or is the patina applied by Tiffany?


Hi there Lakeside and thanks for joining us. The box is silverplated, not solid silver as denoted by the words “silver soldered” and the EF may actually be “EP” for Electro Plated. If it were solid silver marks would include the word “sterling”.

Becuase it is plated be quite careful polishing it as the thin layer of silver plating is easily rubbed off. I’d use a gentle cream silver polish and warm water.

All things Tiffany of New York have value, even silver plated goods. Watch eBay’s completed auctions for similar items to get an idea of value. Any competent jeweller can tell you if the stones are real or not.


Uncle Vic

Thank you!