New to silver - what is acceptable quality for new silverware?

Hello, new to the forum and new to silver collection.

I was recently presented with quite an attractive discount for some new plated silver flatware at the Christofle retail store. I did some basic research online (terribly hard to find much talk other than a small handful of forums for vintage collection, it seems) and decided on a few pieces to get.

Upon taking the pieces home, still in packaging, I took a closer look and noticed some of them had imperfections - either a small dent, a small bubble/dot or several bubbles/dots along the grooves of the pattern. Each piece would only have it in one or two places but the observation was prevalent across around half of what I had purchased.

As I’m new to plated silver flatware, would anyone be able to shed some light as to the level of quality that should be expected of these hand-finished products? I have mentioned it to the store (and dropped them off; but have not had time to go through it with them together yet which I will do so later this week); but at least initially they kept stressing these are hand-finished. To me, hand finished should mean some inconsistencies in shape across pieces, but dents and bubbles should be a completely different story.

Am I placing too high a standard/is it normal for pieces to have some dents and bubbles even when new?

Not the most serious amongst the bunch but attached is the only photo I have taken (taken through the plastic bag packaging so not the sharpest). The small dent is located on the edge near the centre of photo, taken from my phone through a 10x loupe (they were clearly visible with the naked eye given the different light reflection, and that’s how I spotted all of them; but were difficult to photograph with a phone otherwise).

Thank you!