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New to this forum, and Unger Bros

Hello members,

I’m new to this forum. My wife collected Alvin Majestic, and I live in an historic house with a “rustic” cellar (I’m being kind here).

I was in the cellar, and spotted a black piece near the old cooking oven. I new it was sterling, so I gave it a quick polish. It’s hollow and bent and broken, but there’s enough there to identify the hallmark (Unger Bros) and 925 Fine. I did some research, but don’t see this pattern associated with Unger Bros. Does it look familiar to anyone? I know, I would only be pursuing this because we’re all on lockdown, but why not ask?


Interesting remnant you have there. I didn’t find that pattern for Unger either. I do think it was likely part of a knife, with it being hollow and the pistol grip. I just don’t know how complete the information for Unger is.