New York silver trip

The wife & I had a great time in New York. The Met has a new display of 19th c. Tiffany sterling that is stunning. It is located on the second floor mezzanine at the rear of the building. Worth a visit to see. We paid our usual visit to the Manhattan antuque & arts center on 2nd Ave. at 55th St. and wandered through the shops that probably contain some of the finest American silver ever assembled. Prices mostly made us gag…

We did our buying at the flea markets on West 25th St. on both sides of 6th Ave. They are open every weekend year round, and while not as extensive as years ago, are still pretty active. Several of the outdoor vendors had some good American silver at very low prices. The two story parking gararge area has a large number of vendors, including a lot of silver dealers with nice stuff. A very fun way to spend a day. As always, New York is an exciting place to visit, but the non-stop pace wears us old country folk down after a few days.

We rented a “short-stay” apartment on the upper east side at 71st & 3d Ave and not only was it much less expensive than a nice hotel, but professionally decorated and very comfortable. Not to mention that a very famous gourmet grocery store is downstairs and many 5 star restaurants are in the neighborhood. For us now the apartment will be the only way to visit NY. The agency we used is easy to deal with and has a four night minimum.

Uncle Vic