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Newbie, hoping for advice on selling flatware


I’m hoping for some ideas - but I see that this forum collects few responses, so maybe you can tell me if this might be a better fit in one of the other forums.

I have some silverware that I’ve inherited, Royal Danish, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to sell it. By “best,” I mean getting a decent price, not necessarily the fastest or most convenient way. I know there are options like Replacements, but it seems to me that they pay rather little, yet charge rather high prices. In other words, perhaps they pay $10 for an item, but then charge $50. I’m looking instead for some avenue were I might find a buyer at $30, so that we’d both benefit.

So I’m hoping that I might get suggestions of either businesses, or maybe websites or periodicals for selling directly. (I don’t do Ebay and, anyway, I’m hoping for something more specialized.)

Should I maybe start in the Collection or Worth forums here?