Newbie - is this a letter H or a cross style? 95%

Hi all! I am very new to learning silver markings. It is a silver bowl and very heavy about 2.15 lbs.
I think it is silver because it says 95% but then I read sometimes pewter has markings like that too so not sure. Trying to make out the maker’s mark and kind of looks like an H but could also look like some kind of cross/staff design maybe? Sometimes I see a wing. It’s like a Rorschach, so tell me what you see :slight_smile:

It’s definitely pewter. Silver fineness marks don’t use the % sign, normally expressing the silver amount in thousandths; e.g. 925, 835, 800, etc. I can’t help with the mark as it’s not my area of interest.


Thank you for the tip! I appreciate your input. :slight_smile: